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Offenders Staying at Hotels & Motels

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2019
On November 19th we asked: Should sexual offenders be allowed to stay at hotels/motels where children may be present? If not, where should they stay while traveling? This was the responses we received.

"If they are out in society (legally) then yes they should be allowed to stay in hotels. Parents please KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CHILD! Why on earth would you let your child wander around in a hotel by themselves? I say it's the PARENTS responsibility to keep their children safe! Just my opinion and yes I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren."
- Sheri M.

"No they should not- too close. Places like Great Wolf Lodge, where they cater to families and children should be off limits to pedophiles."
- Kathryn H.

"So, when an 18 year old gets put on the list because his 17 year old girlfriends parents get mad at him and have him arrested. He should be locked away forever or publicly beheaded or what have you. Yea I understand about the bad ones that really deserve to be on the list, but we as a society always assume the worst and don't look at the big picture of how the world really is (pros and cons of everything)"
- Mathew U.

"I am more concerned with the ones who have never been caught, who therefore would not be registered, restricted, or marked......."
- Rachael M.

"If someone is registered as a pedophile then they need to stay at places that only allow adults. And there does need to be a place for them that is separate from children. Otherwise they need to disclose that info when checking in so they are not placed next door to children. Maybe each hotel/motel could have an area that is child free. That would also be helpful for people who want to sleep and not be woke up by crying children."
- Donna Y.

Obviously there were many mixed reactions in our posts. Matter of fact, there were SO MANY "No offender's should not have the right to live posts" that we had to start limiting responses as it was getting too heated of a conversation.

Did you know that if a sexual offender LIVES at a hotel, they must register with their registering state - to mark that hotel as their home or other address? You may want to look into the laws where you live or you are visiting regarding if sex offenders are allowed to live there or not.
And as Kathryn stated, some hotels that are aimed towards family fun, still may allow sexual offenders. We did a search on Disney World's website because we saw some conflicting stories across the internet that offenders were allowed to stay at hotels and other stories saying they were not allowed to stay at an on site hotel. We were unable to find an answer from Disney on this. Our suggestion is call the hotel that you will be staying at to see if they allow sexual offenders to stay there. Odds are, if a sexual offender is staying at Disney World's hotel, it's not long term - it's probably to enjoy some family time with their children, just like you and your family are planning to do!

Offenders living in run down hotels on the bad side of town is a problem in every area, in every state. But what do you expect when they have been banned and ran out of every other neighborhood because of the hate and harassment from their neighbors? Some states do not allow offenders to live near churches, playgrounds and schools, which makes renting an apartment near impossible. Also, with the job restrictions that some of them have with being labeled as a registered offender or a felon, make it difficult to afford long term housing. So next time you are traveling and find a hotel in an area you are unsure about, get on our site and see if and how many offender's are registered living at that hotel, you may be surprised. And as always, keep an eye on your children while staying in a hotel/motel.