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Halloween Yard Check

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023
Halloween is a time for spooky thrills and imagination. But the holiday also brings some extra risks for children and teens.

Did you know that child pedestrian injuries are more likely on Halloween than on any other night of the year, for example? Help keep Halloween fun and safe for your family with these quick tips:

With it being fall, your yard probably has some dropped leaves. Make sure to rake up leaves and clear off walkways so kids don't trip while running from house to house. You can even rake your leaves into a pile or place them into a decorative pumpkin bag. If you plan on having a fire, and it's safe to do so, you can safely burn those leaves for a spooky ambiance!

Speaking of fires, if it's windy or really dry outside, we suggest skipping the fire all together. But if you do plan on hosting a fire where it's accessible to trick-or-treaters, make sure you have it barricaded off so little ones can't fall into the fire. You could even possibly host a DIY smores bar with pre-wrapped chocolates and adult supervision!

Back to the leaves - make sure your decor cords are not hidden under leaves. Without them being seen, they can easily be tripped over - and they will be! Make sure all cords are visible and put back if possible. Also keep your yard picked up from bikes, lawn ornaments and loose rocks so kids don't trip.

And let's not forget to pickup dog poop from your yard that children may track through (or even slip on). No parent wants to have a mid trick-or-treat meltdown because their child's shoes are covered in dog poo. Don't have dogs? -- Do a quick check before it's time to make sure that someone walking their dog didn't poo in your yard!

Speaking of dogs and pets, it's best to leave fido inside or secured on the porch. If your pooch were to bite someone, you could be in big trouble. And with all the costumes and kids running and screaming, it's very likely your pooch would get spooked. Also, make sure your cats are indoors if possible and all pets have id tags on them in case they get spooked and bolt.

Let's talk yard decorations! If you're anything like us, you love a good decorated spooky yard. Make sure your yard is safe, and decor will not fall over, be tripped over, or blow away. If you plan on taking your children out to trick-or-treat, please explain to them the importance of not touching other people's yard decorations, as they could break something.

And lastly, light. Make sure your pathways, and porch are well lit if you plan on handing out treats this Halloween. Consider buying some cheap dollar store landscaping lights to illuminate pathways you want children to walk on.

If you don't think your yard is safe, or simply don't want kids walking through it, consider hosting near the sidewalk or even doing a trunk or treat, where nobody is in your yard at all!

We hope you took the time to read through this quick blog and put some of our ideas to use. Have a safe and fun Halloween!